How to Know When Your Child is Ready for…

There are a few experiences in a kid’s life where they are pushed out “on their own” a bit more for the first time: preschool, a first sleepover, first date, or even going away to college. But many parents know deep down that even if their child’s peers are launching into a new level of independence and responsibility, theirs just isn’t ready. Our advice to you: trust your gut.

Kids mature at varying speeds and some just take longer than others to get to that place where they can handle it on their own. There is nothing to be gained by sending them into a new arena unprepared only to have them fail. It’s okay to keep them close until you believe they can handle it.

We’ve put together some benchmarks to look for in your child to assess their readiness for three big steps:

•    Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

•    Is Your Child Ready to Date?

•    Is Your Child Ready to Go Away to College?

This week in Operation Summer Lovin’ have fun practicing perception with your child as you both learn how to see beyond the surface of life.