When Good Moms Make Bad Choices
We want so much for our children that sometimes we over-reach. I mean lose-our-minds type over-reaching. Things like getting a doctor to prescribe ADD medication to our non-ADD child just to reap the weight loss benefits. Like getting a perfectly able child qualified for extra time on tests so that he has a better chance of admission to a highly-selective college.

So what is it that pushes parents with good intentions around the bend into the land of unsafe, unethical or unwise choices for their children? We take a close look in 5 Ways Good Moms Can Make Bad Choices. In our highly-competitive, outcome-oriented world, it’s easy to get pulled into a mindset that clouds your judgment and may ultimately harm your child and compromise your personal integrity.

One way that we parents get off track is by mistaking success for significance. We get caught up in the immediate outcomes rather than parenting for the long haul. Learn the difference between success and significance and your chances of making one of these alarmingly bad choices will fall.