Summer Field Trips, Learning Apps, and Book Lists
With the school year winding down, your kids are likely ready to trade in the books for some fun in the sun. And while we all need a break from the daily grind, teachers tell us that every kid needs a little learning peppered into the summer to avoid “the summer slump.” Kids who never read or brush up on basic skills during a lengthy school break lose precious forward progress, and are forced to spend the first few weeks of the new school year re-learning.

Sell your child on the beauty of being able to get lost in books they really want to read, rather than what is assigned. (See our lists below for some great suggestions.) Let them use their favorite technology to tune up math and phonics skills with some of these free educational apps and websites. (If it looks like a video game and feels like a video game, it must be fun, right?) Take your classroom outdoors or on the road with some family field trips.  Even if your child isn’t a fan of school, you both might discover that he really loves learning!

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•    5 Fantastic Family Field Trips

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