10 Reasons to Get Away without the Kids
Do you find it hard to give your husband your undivided attention—or to receive his attempt to give you his—when you only have a couple of hours a week to spare? It’s hard to flip the switch in your brain back and forth between mommy and wife in a split second. To connect on a deeper, more intimate, level, you need time with your husband – without the kids.

So look over these 10 Reasons to Get Away without the Kids. You don’t have to leave town or spend a lot of cash to get that quality time. While you’re waiting for your chance to have your husband all to yourself, fan the romance fires in your home by Being Your Husband’s Girlfriend.

Don’t let “mommy guilt” rob your marriage of important investments like these. Your children will be fine without you for a little while, and they’ll definitely be happier in a home where mom and dad are still in love. So start scheming with your best friend about how you’re going to sneak away together!