How to Compromise In Marriage


Did your wedding vows have the traditional language?  Did you promise to be faithful in sickness and in health; for richer, for poorer; for better, for worse?  Well, we think that something needs to be added to all vows—traditional or not—a vow to compromise!  Cherishing and honoring are a breeze compared to compromise, but compromise is the biggie you must do in marriage.

Compromise on the little things should come easy.  Some friends of mine have learned to compromise on bedtime… he likes to stay up late, she likes to go to bed early.  So two nights a week she stays up late with him, and two nights a week he goes to bed early with her… compromise.

But what about the bigger things?  He wants to go to his parents for summer vacation, you want to go to the beach. You want to spend the tax refund on new patio furniture, he wants to buy a new TV.  How do you figure out who compromises on matters like that?  There is a way.  Use the steps in Rate It and Resolve It to figure it out.

If compromise isn’t a problem for you, what about these 4 C Words You Want to Avoid in Marriage?

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