A Summer Job: Is It Good for Your Child’s Future?

Before you know it, summer vacation will be here.  The great American summer is shrinking, and is a few weeks shorter than it was a generation ago. Even still, some teens choose to cash in during their break from school by picking up a summer job. There are plenty of good things about summer employment for teens: learning responsibility, earning money, and learning to manage or save it. But for today’s teens, there are more summertime academic opportunities and other concerns that may make working less ideal.

Take a look at our Pros and Cons of Summer Jobs for Teens to see if your kid might benefit from clocking in somewhere this year.  Whether it’s through an outside job, or in expectations at home, there’s a real connection between your child’s work ethic and his future success. So here are Tips for Helping Your Child Get a Summer Job.

Even if you decide your teen isn’t ready for a job, you’ll want to keep them moving with these Ideas for Preventing Summer Couch Potatoes.

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