South Carolina Restaurant Taco Cid Under Fire for How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant T Shirt

(Photo via the Huffington Post)

The South Carolina restaurant “Taco Cid” is under national fire over the t-shirts it sells, and which a number of employees wear.

The shirt says “how to catch an illegal immigrant” above what appears to be a hunting trap with a Taco Cid taco inside.  Presumably it is meant to be a statement on the authenticity of the tacos.

MSN Now writes:

Looking for a food-service job? The management team at West Columbia, S.C., Mexican restaurant Taco Cid might have some openings soon. The restaurant is being slammed for its use of a racist design on its employee T-shirts…The restaurant reportedly used to be a chain in South Carolina, but has since shuttered three of its four locations. And with such amazing social awareness, we can only wonder how long the lone surviving location will last.

According to the Huffington Post, which described the restaurant’s service as “tacos with a side of racism,” a man identifying himself as the photographer said the person wearing the shirt was an employee.

Think Progress adds that the restaurant “appears to have cribbed the design from the ‘Offensive Obscene & Sex Related Tees’ section of an online apparel designer.”

Meanwhile, Taco Cid has released a statement insisting that the shirts are not meant to be racist.  After reiterating for several sentences that they are committed to the same level of quality for every customer, the restaurant takes a surprisingly bold stance on illegal immigration:

As most tax paying Americans, we do believe ILLEGAL immigrants are taxing the system we support and live under, thereby, causing us to work harder and pay more taxes in support of their illegal activities which our government has simply chosen to look the other way. Is it racist to disagree with those who are not supporting the American system?

We are an equal opportunity employer and will hire anyone who meets our needs and is a legal citizen or immigrant. We do not hire illegal immigrants. Our employees pay taxes.

We are open Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays — in observance of a day of worship.

If you do not agree with our views on ILLEGAL immigrants, please do not visit our establishment. If you agree with our view on American Equality in citizenship and tax fairness, then show your support and come join us for lunch or dinner.

We look forward to serving you!  [Emphasis added]

What do you think of the shirt?