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What Old School Parents Get Right

I’ll never forget the night my husband and I returned from a “date night,” after my in-laws graciously offered to watch our baby boy while we caught a movie. When we returned to their home, they were gone. The problem? Our baby’s car seat was still in our car—they were driving around town with our child unsecured.

In research presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ annual conference, the grandparents studied didn’t understand safety basics for children—especially babies.  That’s not to say grandparents don’t know a lot about raising kids, in fact, there are 4 Things Old School Parents Got Right, that we sometimes don’t.

Of course, as a parent, you want to present information to your child’s grandparents in a way that respects their years of parenting experience, but with a clear expectation that your guidelines will be followed when they care for your kiddos.

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