The 5-Step Plan for Helping Angry Children
Most families don’t have a plan for dealing with anger.  They just hope things will get better.  But iSpecialist Scott Turansky says all families need an anger management plan, because even if anger isn’t always wrong, it’s always dangerous.  He doesn’t mean physical danger, necessarily, but the hurtful words and bitterness that can destroy relationships, and a family.

His words about anger hit home with me so much that I’ve actually been going through his anger plan with my children and husband.  Not in a formal way, but every few nights I’ll read a step at dinner.  I try to keep it light by starting with a dramatic introduction, “Okay everyone, the moment you’ve been waiting for, step two…”  Then, when we’re done I’ll do a “preview trailer” of the next step.

So here’s Dr. Turansky’s plan for dealing with angry children, and angry grown-ups at your house.

1.    Identify Anger Cues

2.    Step Back

3.    Choose a Better Response

4.    Control, Don’t Vent

5.    Forgiveness, Not Bitterness