(OK, so I’m not an Obama fan – but come on! I cannot believe that a person would resort to this over a lost election – given the fact that this poor man could have voted 1,000 times and it still wouldn’t have made a difference!)

Holly Solomon Blames Husband for Obamas Re election, Runs Him Over With SUV

Holly Solomon, 28 (KNXV-TV)

Ever since President Barack Obama won his bid for re-election there has been tons of Monday morning quarterbacking as Republicans and conservatives across the nation try to figure out just what went wrong.

One woman from Mesa, Ariz. decided that her husband was partly to blame for Obama’s re-election because he failed to vote this time around. So as punishment, she reportedly ran him over with her car, leaving him with critical injuries.

Holly Solomon, 28, allegedly chased her husband, Daniel, around a parking lot driving an SUV following a heated argument about the presidential election, KNXV-TV reports. ”According to Daniel, Holly believed her family was going to face hardship as a result of President Obama’s re-election,” Gilbert police Sergeant Jesse Sanger said in a statement.

Daniel initially tried to escape, hiding behind a light pole to shield himself, but his wife was relentless in chasing him down. She continued yelling at him throughout the encounter.

More from KNXV-TV:

Witnesses reported a lot of yelling just before Holly got into a Jeep SUV and began chasing her husband, Daniel Solomon, through the parking lot near Gilbert and Elliot roads.


Police said Daniel tried to run away toward Gilbert Road as Holly pursued him in the vehicle.

She eventually struck her husband and he was pinned underneath, between the vehicle and a curb.

Fortunately, Daniel Solomon survived the attack and was transported to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition, according to police.

Holly has been charged with domestic violent and aggravated assault. Police said she did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when she attacked her husband.

And as Phoenix New Times points out, “President Obama won a grand total of zero of Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, so it wouldn’t have helped if Daniel Solomon had voted for Romney 1,000 times.”


(UPDATED: 11/14/2012)


A Florida tanning salon owner who told his partner “if Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around” was found dead two days after the election with empty prescription bottles nearby and the words “f–k Obama” written on his will, the Key West Citizen reported.

Henry Hamilton, 64, the owner of Tropical Tan in Key West, was “very upset about the election results,” his partner Michael Cossey reportedly told a police officer.

Police reported finding two empty prescription bottles, one to treat anxiety and one to treat schizophrenia.

Key West Police Department spokeswoman Alyson Crean told the Citizen autopsy results were pending but said there was “absolutely no evidence of foul play.”

Cossey told police that Hamilton “has been very stressed about his business,” the newspaper reported, and said the last time they spoke was “when we watched the election results” on Nov. 6 when Obama defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney.