(Please go to the link above to view the video for the debate.)

While Monday night’s presidential debate was largely uneventful, there were still some noteworthy moments. Among them was when the president took a condescending tone and mocked Mitt Romney for critiquing Obama on military cuts.

According to Obama, Romney just doesn’t understand that America has advanced so far technologically that we now have less “horses and bayonets” just like we have less Navy ships, too.

“We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them,” Obama said smugly. “We have these ships that go under water — nuclear submarines.”

Additionally, the audience broke the rules mentioned by moderator Bob Schieffer at the beginning of the night: members laughed when Obama took a jab at Romney’s comment that important information can be found on the candidate’s website.

“We visited the website quite a bit, and it still doesn’t work,” Obama said.

{Hate to break this to the President – but aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines are considered a form of SHIP! The whole time I was watching the debate yesterday – I kept thinking how presidential Mitt Romney looked last night. While Obama kept taking jabs at the Governor, last night and the other two nights of debates have really revealed the true character of President Obama.}