I was watching Glenn Beck last night and he continued to mention The 9-12 Project. I looked it up: http://the912project.com/ and it was quite interesting. Here is the Mission Statement that was posted on the website:


Mission Statement

Posted by the912project on March 24, 2009 · Comments (103)

This website is a place for you and other like-minded Americans looking for direction in taking back the control of our country. It is also a place to find information that will assist you in navigating the rough waters we face in the days, weeks and months ahead.

We suggest that you start in your own homes. Talk to your family about the Values and Principles. Discuss the importance of what the Founders designed for America.

Hold or attend a weekly meeting in your neighborhood or town. Communication with your neighbors is vital to the process of protecting our country. Gather in living rooms, coffee houses or restaurants. Share your thoughts and ideas.

Visit this website often. Make use of the resources that are linked here. Share the ideas and resources that have worked in your home or town.

This is a non-political movement. The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

That same feeling – that commitment to country is what we are hoping to foster with this idea. We want to get everyone thinking like it is September 12th, 2001 again.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you watch the direction that America is being taken in and feel powerless to stop it?

Do you believe that your voice isn’t loud enough to be heard above the noise anymore?

Do you read the headlines everyday and feel an empty pit in your stomach…as if you’re completely alone?

If you’ve answered YES, then you’ve fallen for the Wizard of Oz lie. While the voices you hear in the distance may sound intimidating, as if they surround us from all sides—the reality is very different. Once you pull back the curtain, you realize that there are only a few people pressing the buttons, and their voices are weak. The truth is that they don’t surround us at all.
We surround them. At the origin of America, our Founding Fathers built this country on 28 powerful principles. These principles were culled from all over the world and from centuries of great thinkers. We have distilled the original 28 down to the 9 basic principles.
So, how do we show America what’s really behind the curtain? Read the 
nine simple principles. If you believe in at least seven of them, then we have something in common.

As I was watching the Glenn Beck show I kept thinking back on how it really reminded me of a TV show played in V for Vendeta.

They are now talking about 1 world government. But they have a new name for it. I cannot remember that name right now – but I’ll do some digging to find it. It is gettign scary… the governement is becoming the “Big Governement” – meaning 1 world governement and that is certainly not something we want as a country. To have Socialism. I keep hearing on the radio and TV that the president is being compared to Hilter. And that is exactly where we are headed if we, as a country, do not do something. Stand up for what we believe in.

Above it states that we have been caught in the Wizard of Oz theory. that we think there are so many people controlling this country – but there are only a few people and all we have to do is pull back the curtain to find that out. I have never really been “into” policitics much in my life, but I realized that if I don’t do something, learn about this and how our country is being run – it’s like I’m putting my head in the sand and waiting for the end and descructuction to come. I don’t want to just sit and wait. I want to do something about it! I want to stand up for what I believe in, and I want it to be heard of the kind of country I want to live in. I am an American – and I have the right to voice my opinion and to be heard. The governement today may be changing the laws, the constitution, and the rights of the people – but until the day comes when they come crashing at my door to get be to be quite – I will continue to shout to be heard.

Shout with me! Learn with me. It is never too late to understand what is going on in the world today, in the country today. Never back down and never give up! Don’t go with the flow just because it’s the easier road ahead. The best things in life and the things worth value is the ones that you have to fight for! Fight with me. Fight with us!