So, we found out from the doctor that the blood tests that were taken from the first hospital came back negative, but the blood tests that were taken here at the children’s hospital came back positive, but they aren’t sure if it was positive because it was contaminated, or if it was something inside my side already. So they didn’t another round of culture’s last night and said we need to stay in the hospital another two days. šŸ˜¦

I am so ready to blow this join… I’m tired to sleeping on a tiny little couch that pulls out into a double size mattress with a plastic covered padding that is not the most comfortable to sleep on. Plus I have a husband, who isn’t the smallest guy in the world and loves to hog the pillows and blankets. I think that is why I sleep so far on my side of the bed at home actually. To keep him from taking my pillows…

Anyway – I called my work and let them know that I was going to need to stay in the hospital for another two days. I wish I could be spending my time off in better ways… you know cleaning house, vacationing… anything other than this.

Speaking of cleaning… Summer is too much! Summer has forbidden my husband and I to come home. She took our house key and took over our home. She said that once she heard our son had a staff infection, she went to work cleaning the house and making sure everything was disinfected. A part of me is just cringing at the thought of what she could be cleaning. It’s not like I keep a truly,Ā horrifically dirty house all the time, but it’s tough to keep my house spic and span all the time. Especially when I have two sons and a husband who don’t like to clean up their own messes without being nagged and annoyed to the point of doing so. I do the best I can – but if he house becomes a mess on Tuesday, I usually have to sweep it to the side until Saturday, when I can dedicate an entire day to cleaning.

I was reading in an article a little while ago on tips of how to keep a house clean, especially if you have kids around. Not only do you give kids chores to do, but you never leave a room empty handed. So if there are dishes in one room and you’re heading to the kitchen, grab those dishes so you don’t have to do it later. That so of thing… Well, the trouble with giving my kids chores is that they are at that age that if you are not there to make sure they are doing what they are told, they don’t do it. And on top of that, we think my oldest has ADD (of ADHD, I was told they don’t really differentiate any more…), so it makes it even harder to keep focus on completing one task at a time. I know I need to teach my sonsĀ disciplineĀ and they need to do chores every day – but when I have a full time job, having to take care of three kids and a dog (when my husband has to work at night), then on top of that, I need to work through my sons homework with him each night – I’m exhausted and have no desire to clean anything myself, let alone stand in a roomĀ delegatingĀ chores to my sons and making sure they stick to it. I’ve tried to do it before and all it does it make me mad. For the sake of my family, I usually end up doing it myself. I end up feeling resented after a while, because I have to do it all myself – but I can usually stay pretty calm for a few weeks before I blow up and then I’m good again for another few weeks.

See, my husband grew up in a family of 7 kids. He was the old boy, smack dab in the middle of 6 sisters. Apparently, he and his sisters always have dishes stacked to the ceiling (or some such story as that) to do each night so he loathes to wash any type of dish if he doesn’t have to. I’m fine with that. I really don’t care if I have to wash the dishes. I really don’t mind it actually – as long as he is the one to cook. I told him that I will wash the dishes as long as he cooks the meals. That’s usually the way it goes – but not all the time.

As for the rest of the house – I’m not sure why he doesn’t pick up the house if I don’t blow up at him or the kids. I think it’s funny – I’ve tried to explain this to him, but he doesn’t seem to get it really. I tell him that if we would do a little bit each day – it doesn’t even have to be every day, every couple of days, just pick something up and put it away. Do a load of laundry, clean a toilet here and there – that would ease up my life so much and then I wouldn’t feel so taken advantage of and taken for granted. Sometimes I honestly feel like the freakin’ maid around my house. The boys don’t care if I fold their clothes and before I can put it away in their closet and drawers, they throw all their clothes back onto the ground all over my living room. (And it’s not that I fold their clothes, but IĀ separateĀ them to make it easier on me to know which room they go in.) I don’t know, I could go on and on about how I feel regarding my cleaning time. All I know is that Keith says to me, “I can live with a little bit of clutter.” Well, our house usually doesn’t have just a little bit of clutter – it looks like a bomb went off in it and I hate to keep my house that way for any amount of time because there are people from our ward and family members that just like to stop by at any given moment. I love it when they do, because they are all sweet hearts – but I hate letting them see my messy home. I feel like if they see our house this way – they’ll think we’re not good parents or something.

This has been one thing that I’ve had to let go on. I’m a control freak on some things. I like to be able to do things on my own – take care of my own house, my own chores, yadda, yadda, yadda… But it gets to the point where I need to think about what’s more important. Cleaning my house, or spending time with my children. Cleaning my house, or getting the sleep that I need. Most days, I can clean a little corner of my house, maybe get the dishes taken care of – or do a few loads of laundry – or clean a bathroom. But if I don’t step back and force myself to relax and just let the mess be messy – I will drive myself crazy (which I’ve don’t many, many times in the past).

Anyway – now that I have gone on that tangent, lets circle it around to the first topic we were on… Our son in the hospital.

(What’s funny is that I was watching a comedy special with Bill Engvall and his wife was asked a question about how it’s like living with Bill. She said, “You know, 95% of the time, it’s completely normal. That other 5% is a little iffy though. Sometimes when we’re talking about something, Bill will be focused, but then he starts thinking about other things and when he thinks, he usually says it and we just have to take that little ride with him. But after he takes that trip, we’ll come right back to where we first started…” That’s how I feel I am sometimes. Just needed to take a little trip.)

So we’ll be here until tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll go home with my other two boys so my neighbors don’t have to take care of them until our youngest is discharged. That way I can be with the other boys and make sure my oldest gets to school and I can pay attention to my second son. And of course see Gracie Girl again. Dang to I miss that dog! šŸ™‚