Well, when we called to follow up on Gracie Girl’s condition the vet told us that they could take her and give her the surgery that she needed, but it was going to cost us around $1400-$1800 to complete. Unfortunately we didn’t have that kind of money, so they told us to contact the Humane Society and they might be able to help. My husband did and they told us that they would perform the surgery at no cost, but that we would have to give her up in order to do so.

So, Tuesday night, my husband and I packed up the kids and we all went to the Humane Society and said our goodbyes to Gracie Girl so that they could save her life. To be honest, up until this point – I was never really a true dog lover, I found. I took care of Gracie while we had her, but it was more out of duty than out of love. Oh, she is a beautiful dog and when she isn’t peeing in the house (our swallowing needles), she is such a sweetheart, but up until the time we had to give her away, I realize that I was taking her for granted and that I really did want to keep her. So as we gave her up – I was crying, the boys were crying. But my husband and I kept saying that we had to do this in order to save her life.

So fast forward to Thursday – we get a call from the Humane Society letting us know how everything went. Which was odd, because they told my husband that once we give her up – they wouldn’t be informing us if she survived the surgery, how she was doing, anything. They said once you give her up – you sever all ties to her and we won’t be calling you with updates. So to my husbands surprise, he found out that she’s doing great – she didn’t need surgery after all and they only had to sedate her and pull the needle out of her throat that had lodged itself into the base of her tongue at the back of her throat. They also said that she was really, really sad and very scared there and offered to give her back to us. They said they were over booked and didn’t have any extra room and since she was healthy again, they would let us come and get her. So that’s what we did. I took the boys and we all went and picked up Gracie.

Oh, as soon as they brought her in, you could just see in her face how scared she was of that place. But once I said, “Gracie Girl!” she lit right up and started wagging her tail and giving me kisses. (She peed all over me, but I was so happy to see her and to have her back, that I didn’t care.) So we now have our healthy little Doxin back at home.

Then comes Friday…

I am at work and my husband gives me a call about 9am. Says that our 7 week old has a fever and is breathing really shallow and very fast and he didn’t know what to do but call 911. He said that they were taking him to the hospital and that I needed to come and meet him.

So, here I was, heading to the hospital with no more information as to how my son is doing – if he’s alright, if he’s having seizures (my oldest had a seizure due to such a high fever when he was around 9 months) and I was speeding home. Once I got there, they were giving him a catheter and I started to get really teary eyed. I was trying my very hardest not to cry, because I needed to be strong for my baby boy. They started doing his work up’s, they were taking blood, put IV’s in, they needed to get an X-Ray done, they were going to do a spinal tap on him, the list went on and on.

So after they performed the X-Ray – I burst into tears. And the doctor said that they were going to need to complete a spinal tap and that it was best for us not to be there to witness it because it’s a very hard thing to get through for a parent.  I knew that if I couldn’t handle a simple X-Ray for my son, it was best that we just go done to the cafe and get something to eat while they did this for my son. Once everything was completed, they looked at the X-Ray and said that he might have a small case of pneumonia. The thing with that disease is that when a patience is dehydrated, which my son was, once they hydrate the patient, the pneumonia just blossoms into a full blown case of pneumonia, so they were hydrating him and giving him all kinds of antibiotics to counter act the pneumonia. They said that they weren’t sure if this is what he had, but they were going to treat him for it in case he did and they were going to transfer us over to a children’s hospital where they could do more tests and give us a sure diagnosis and treatment.

Once over to the children’s hospital, the doctor took a look at the X-Rays we had done and told us that he had no doubt it was NOT pneumonia. He wasn’t exactly sure what was causing my son to have fever’s and to breath rapidly and shallowly, but he was thinking it might be a viral infection. So they kept him on the antibiotics they were giving him and took blood samples and were completing a culture on his blood. They said we had to keep him here for at least 48 hours in order to complete these tests. So here it is on Sunday morning. They told us the test results should be completed and back this morning and if all goes well, we will be able to go home this afternoon. (YAY!)

I tell you, it has been some of the hardest two months of my life. Having to give birth by way of c-section, then taking care of the boys while my husband has his gall bladder taken out, then having to go back to work two weeks earlier than expected due to our financial situation. Then having to give up Gracie Girl, getting back Gracie Girl, taking our second child to the ER to treat him for a skin infection, then having to take my youngest son to treat him for a viral infection… when it rains in our household, it really pours in our household.

I just can’t tell you how grateful I am to our friends and family – especially the ward that we are in. Those people are some pretty special people. I don’t know what we would’ve done if we didn’t have the support system we have there. As soon as my husband was off the phone with me, he called our good friend Summer (who is my visiting teacher), and asked her if she could come and watch the kids while he took our youngest to the hospital. She said sure and was over at our house in a matter of minutes. Took the boys – dropped off our son at school and our second son at another one of our friends so Summer could get back to work.

This whole weekend, we’ve had friends watching kids, family giving support, church leaders coming to give blessings not just on my son, but on my as well. We’ve had offers of help in all areas – food, money, babysitting – even the teenage girl of Summers gave us her phone to use for the weekend so we could get a hold of anyone we needed while we were at the hospital. A teenage girl gave up her phone to us!

We are having to move in February because the house that we live in, although very nice and spacious, is a little too expensive for us at the moment and we won’t be able to stay there for another year. So we are going to have to move – but my husband and I, even before all this happened, said to each other that we didn’t want to move at all! We loved the neighborhood, we loved the people in our ward and we loved the school Sean was going to. So we are going to start looking around the neighborhood for houses to rent that might possibly be at all cheaper than the one we are currently living in. Not sure if we’ll get lucky – but we won’t know until we start looking.

So, all in all – our youngest son is doing better. He’s actually eating now (YAY for an appetite!) and he hasn’t had a fever since two nights ago. We’re just waiting on the tests results – which I’m hoping come back either negative or at least something that we could treat him for at home. My husband’s parents want us to come over tonight (if possible) to celebrate my husbands birthday and to make us dinner and eat cake. 🙂 It would be really great to have all our kids with us for that.

I feel so terrible. We weren’t able to celebrate my husband 32nd birthday this year. My husband and his parent’s birthday’s and anniversaries all fall within days of each other. My in-laws usually celebrate both their birthday’s on the same day, since they are about 5 days apart. And their anniversary is within those 5 days as well. Then my husband’s birthday and our anniversary also falls within those 5 days… But this year, my mother-in-law wanted to give my father-in-law a surprise birthday party (which he had never had at 62 years old..) so that kind of took precedence over my husband’s party. I was thinking we could have a party for him next weekend – but with all that has happened with our family – the best thing we can do at this point is have dinner at his parents with our kids and have quiet celebration for him. I told him once we are back on our feet again and we can afford it – I’ll be able to get him a gift, but until then, we’ve both agreed that we need to be there for our children at this time.

I just can’t wait until I can sleep in my own bed again. Take a shower – put my son in his bed without all these cords attached to him. Bundle him up like he likes. 🙂 I’m almost too glad to be able to go back to work tomorrow morning. Get away from all this. Things always have to happen in three’s… I’m just glad that I got my three out of the way (Gracie Girl, my second son with his skin infection and my youngest son with his viral infection) and I’m going to be really good for a long, long while… Do you hear that world, or destiny, or Karma or the Cosmos – whatever! I have checked out of the nut house and I don’t plan on being back!  So you can go and bug someone else for a change.  😛