Well, it started out great – we had my youngest sons baby blessing. I was able to hear it all. My two older boys were quiet and son was my youngest. 🙂 It was simple, but powerful. Such a special day – definitely felt the spirit.

Then my father got up and bore his testimony, since it was a fast and testimony  meeting. When my father gets up, he just commands the room. He has a way about him that draws the attention of everyone sitting. You can just feel the power of the priesthood in him when he speaks. And it makes you want to sit and hope that he just keeps talking. I can remember so many times when I was growing up – my father and I would sit down and read the scriptures or just simply talk about different things. And there were times when we would sit up for hours discussing the church, or work, or school, or what he heard on Glenn Beck, or the news, or what he thought would happen in the future.

It was great – I had my visiting teaching companion come up to me and ask if it was my father who got up and bore his testimony and I replied yes. She said, “So that’s what you grew up with huh?” (With a big smile.) I said, “Yes, it just brought me back to when I was 16 or 17 years old and we would be reading from the scriptures and discussing the stories we had just read and what we thought would happen in the near future and, oh it went on and on.” I must confess that I got extremely homesick when I heard my father speak. It just brought me back to so many times when things seemed simpler and  easier to be on the right path. It made me wonder why it’s so difficult to remain faithful and diligent simply standing on my own two feet. It was like balm to my spirit to lean on my father spiritually, even if it was for just a few minutes and we were rooms apart. It also gave me perceptive of how far down the wrong path I’ve gotten myself. And which direction I want to go now.

Then, yesterday – it was me and my husbands 7th anniversary. It started out great. I cleaned a good portion of the house, downsized the boys toys and got them out of their room and the house didn’t get nearly as cluttered as it could get, got a big chuck of the laundry done and that was all while watching the kids and I didn’t loose my temper once. (I was very proud of myself.) Then my husband had his parents come over and watch the kids while we went out for a few hours. We were able to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and we watched clips of football games and baseball games and I had my husband explain to me the rules of football and we ate hamburgers and just had a fun time together. It was really nice. Then we went home, and I continued to clean a bit. My middle child had taken a nap and when he got up – he was complaining that his cheek was really ‘hot’. He’s only 2 and a half, so he really doesn’t know how to communicate that his cheek simply hurts and it’s ‘hot’ – but I took a look at it and it looked like he had a rash. I was trying to figure out how he could have gotten it, seeing how he didn’t seem to be rubbing it on anything long enough to get a rash (like a rug rash) from it. My husband and I decided to just watch it closely and if it seemed to be getting worse, we’d take him to the ER.

Well, at midnight last night, we ended up taking him to the ER because the swelling in his right cheek went up and the redness increased and we didn’t know if he had gotten bit by something or what. My husband and him were at the hospital the whole night and it ended up that my son has a skin infection. The doctor said that he could have gotten it simply by scratching at his skin, even to just scratch a little itch he had and he could have gotten the infection from anywhere – the house, church, neighbors, indoors, outdoors – no one really knows. So they put an IV in him and gave him some antibiotics and by the time he was sent home, the swelling went down and the redness was reduced and they gave us a prescription to give him to fulling get rid of the infection.

On top of that – our little doxin, Gracie, was not feeling well all day yesterday. She’s about a year old and usually running around with the boys and wanting us to play with her and being really bubbly and hyper, but I had noticed throughout the day that she wasn’t under my feet, like she usually was and she just seemed like she didn’t feel good. (You could just tell by looking at her eyes that she was not feeling good.) I was getting worried that she had somehow gotten a hold of some chocolate that one of the boys may have left on the floor and I didn’t want her to die – because she’s a small dog and the more chocolate a dog eats, the worse it is for them. We gave her some hydrogen peroxide and water (equal parts of 1 tsp – what the ER vet told us to give her) and when she threw up – guess what she had eaten? She had eaten a needle and thread! She started throwing up some thread and when we started pulling on it to help her get it up – we felt it getting caught in her throat and we are assuming that it’s the needle. I felt so terrible about it – I couldn’t believe that she actually ate that!

Once the thread was out of her system – she starting acting a little bit back to her old self – but we could tell she still has something down in her because she can’t flop her ears back and forth and she still starts to try and heave but immediately stops – so we know it’s got to be painful for her. My husband it going to take her to the vet today to see what they can do about getting it out of her.

Man – when it rains it definitely pours at our house. At least my son is feeling a bit better now that he has had some antibiotics in him – my poor husband though – I just hope that my youngest son will let him get some sleep today. Both my husband and I said prayers for both Gracie and my son and asked the Lord to watch over them both and protect them. To keep them in as little pain as possible until we could get them both help.