Today was one of those rollercoaster days. (Emotionally speaking…) I started out fine, then after one little thing – it just set me off and Iget so mad I was shaking. I honestly don’t think that I can handle another child. My nerves are completely shot right now. I know that it’s just the beginning period… That we’re still trying to adjust to having a new born and a third child in the house, but I don’t think I’ll be able to stand having a fourth child. And I told Keith this. He said it was fine – that we would stick with our three boys and we’d be fine.

I just can’t seem to get a grip on the house and taking care of the kids. It always seems like what I want is just out of reach. And given, I did sign up for this. Not having good sleep at night anymore, always having my house in disarry, well, more like a bomb hit it every day…Always worrying about my kids… I signed up for it all… But there are days that I don’t see myself getting out of bed in morning.

Then, after I took some medication to calm my nerves, I was able to be a human again. I was able to get some cleaning done, but not neare as much as I would like. Then the sister missionaries came over and we chatted for a bit. One of the girls is leaving and going home. And thats when our neighbors came out to say hello and we found out that they were born and raised in the Catholic church and about four years ago they decided to move to a different church, just a simple Christian church and we ended ugoverning them a book of Mormon. I had never been on missionary splits before and it was pret awesome to seetheirs couples reaction to the sister missionaries giving them a Book of Mormon. The lady, I forget what her name was, seemed eager to find out the differences and similarites of the Book of Mormon and the Bible. But the husband seemed a little standoffish… He accepted the BOM, but didn’t really say too much about it. Just let his wife do the speaking. I can see now how becoming a missionary would be a really awesome experience. I may not have gone when I was 19, but I think I will definitely want to go when me and my husband are older and don’t have any kids living with us anymore.

Tomorrow is youngest sons blessing day. I’m pretty excited about it. I just hope that myOtto other boys can sit still long enough for me to hear the blessing all the way through. 🙂 I’m going to take pictures and hopefully be able to post them up here. 🙂

Im my prayers tonight, I’m going to ask for the ability to have more patience. More patience with my children and more patience with my husband.