I have been trying to get back on the right track spiritually and one way I’ve experienced is to listen to firesides and speeches given by the leaders of the LDS church.

I was listening to one given by President Gordon B. Hinckley on 11/4/1979 at Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah. Titled: “Praise to the Man.”

An interesting quote I heard: “For instance, I have been fascinated with the recent studies of Dr. Alvin C. Rencher of this campus and Dr. Wayne A. Larsen of the Eyring Research Center on the “wordprints” of different authors in the Book of Mormon. They and others have demonstrated that just as a man’s fingerprints are peculiar to im alone, so each author has word patterns that are peculiarly his. Presumably, if Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Solomon Spaulding, or any other one man wrote the Book of Mormon its language style would be the same in all of its books. But now, with computer technology, these scholars are left to conclude that statistically “the odds against a single author for the Book of Mormon exceed 100 billion to one” (Marc Haddock,  “Computer Wordprints Track Writer’s Style,” BYU Today, November 1979, p. 1). Think of it. They further say: “All of our data point to one almost inescapable conclusion: No one man wrote the Book of Mormon. It seems impossible that Joseph Smith or any other write, however brilliant, could have fabricated a work with 24 or more discernible wordprints.” (Wayne A. Larsen, Alvin C. Rencher, and Tim Layton, “Multiple Authorship of the Book of Mormon,” New Era, November 1979, p.13)

Very interesting to note this when people state that Joseph Smith Jr. made the Book of Mormon up and wrote it himself. A man who didn’t get an education past the 6th grade level, I believe.