Today has been a pretty good day at work. People on my team had won a contest at work and they rewarded my team with the ability to watch a two hour movie at work. 🙂 YAY!

So, being that we are a team of all girls, we voted to watch Ever After and had a potluck to go along with it.

The only downside is that I believe I’m getting sick… I have a headache, I had a sore throat this morning, I’m feeling achy, etc. I’m hoping that I can go home and take some Tylenol and it’ll help a bit and they tonight when my kids go to bed I can take some NyQuil and it’ll knock this out. It’s hasn’t kicked it completely in the past – but I have a baby blessing to go to on Sunday morning and I can’t be feeling sick at that. I want to be completely alert and 100% there.

The link above shows what the baby blessing outfit looks like. There are differences, like I didn’t have the hat made and my outfit has short sleeves on it and not long sleeves. My mother-in-law, the miracle worker that she is, was able to make this for my first boy six years ago and we used it for our middle child two and a half years ago and now we will be using it for our newest little one.

We’ll probably have it framed once we decide not to have anymore children. I would love to get a picture of each boy on their blessing day to accompany the blessing outfit.

We’re coming up on Labor Day this Monday and I will have that day off of work – so I’ll be able to recuperate  from this cold I have and hopefully kick it out of my system completely. And hopefully be able to get some much needed rest. (We’re still trying to get Damon sleeping throughout the night – but I can’t complain for him being just a over a month old and he’s up to 5-6 hours a night…)